2024 Working Visits to Vulkathunha Dates Decided

The “Friends” dates for the four 2024 working visits to Vulkathunha National Park (staying at Balcanoona shearer’s quarters) have been decided. They are:

  1. Friday 19 April to Friday 26 April for water and fish monitoring. (note that the Park is closed for goat control from 5-12 May)
  2. Friday 26 April to Friday 3 May for re-vegetation of Balcanoona.
  3. Saturday 17 August to Saturday 24 August for re-vegetation of Balcanoona.
  4. Saturday 24 August to Saturday 31 August for water and fish monitoring.

Note that there are are two contiguous weeks in each of April and August of 2024, so that members can participate in both activity weeks if they so choose. Note also that although two “major activities” are identified for each week (W&F monitoring, and Re-vegetation). Activities associated with both, and our other projects as well, may/will occur in both weeks. Plan your year so that you are available for one or both of these visits. Send you expressions of interest for attending any of these working weeks to Martin at m.caon56@gmail.com

Members may wish to stop at Copley to visit the Copley Community Garden – where the Friends assist Ron Johnston to propagate some seedlings for Balcanoona. Lots of good things happening there, including: a developing quandong orchard; a seedling propagating house; a community vegetable garden. You may also want to visit the recently established Copley Botanic Garden. It is hard to miss as it is on the corner of the Highway and the road to Balcanoona (and adjacent to the public toilets). Lots of arid-zone plants, propagated in the CCG have been planted there.

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