Park Location and Access

Vulkathunha-Gammon Ranges National Park is located in South Australia’s North-East Pastoral District approximately 600 km North of Adelaide (as the raven flies). It is most easily reached from Adelaide by driving about 550km on a sealed road to Leigh Creek via Jamestown, Orroroo, Hawker and Parachilna. From Leigh Creek it is 5 km further on the sealed road to Copley and then about 100 km to the Park headquarters at Balcanoona, on the unsealed Gammon Ranges Road (aka the Arkaroola road) that runs East from Copley, passing through Iga Warta and Nipapanha. This is about 8 hours of driving. All roads approaching the park are unsealed. This can make getting to and from the park difficult if heavy rain has fallen or is forecast. While the Copley to Balcanoona Road is of good quality, compared to other unsealed roads of the South Australian outback, drivers need to be alert when driving on it.

An alternative route from Adelaide follows the sealed road from Adelaide to Yunta via Gawler. At Yunta, a dirt road runs north to the Park. By this route the distance on the dirt is about 300 km. There is no fuel available between Yunta and Arkaroola.

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Park location maps

Vulkathunha-Gammon Ranges National Park (area 1,257 km2), lies at the centre of an area of 6,140 square kilometres of National Park, wilderness sanctuary or de-stocked former pastoral leases. These include the Nantawarinna IPA (580 km2) to the south; Nepabunna Aboriginal Land (52 km2); Mt Serle Station (505 km2); and Yankaninna Station (560km2) run by Operation Flinders, to the west; and the Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary (610 km2) to the north. Since November 2021, Munda/Lake Frome, which adjoins the Park to the East, has been upgraded from a Regional Reserve to a National Park of 2,582km2. Wooltana station (2,590 km2) adjoins the Park to east, while Wertaloona station (2,549km2) adjoins to the south-east.